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PE film + Viscose with high absorbent lamianation nonwoven for surgical drapes
    Publish time 2019-01-24 16:06    
PE film + Viscose with high absorbent lamianation nonwoven for surgical drapes

Coated/Laminated Non woven Material: Spunlace + PE Film, Viscose + PE Film, SMS + PE Film, PP + PE Film


1. All our PE film us waterproof and can avoid leakage effectively. 

2. The coated/Laminated material can effectively cut off blood, body fluids, alcohol and bacteria to penetrate, superfine fiber structure at the same time guaranteeing sweat steam through smoothly,           polypropylene spun-bonded nonwoven material with high strength and water resistance, and it ensure clean environment, so it's beneficial to surgery.
 It's widely used in surgical gown, surgical drapes, surgical packs etc.

   3. And Coated/Laminated nonwoven is also used in disposable protection clothing, such as coverall, shoe cover to p
revent and isolate dust,  virus, water base liquid, chemical and aerosol.

lamination nonwovenItemsApplicationRegular Total   GsmPE film Regular GsmNonwoven Regular Gsm
PE+ hydrophilic PPSurgical   Drapes,                  Surgical Back   Table cover58-70gsm30gsm/35gsm/customized28gsm/30gsm/35gsm/customized
PE+water repellent PPCoverall,   Boot Cover, Shoe cover, Sleeve Cover                         Isolation gown                reinforcement for surgical   gown   30-50gsm15gsm/20gsm/25gsm/customized15gsm/20gsm/25gsm/customized
PE+Spunlacereinforcement   for surgical drapes  Bed sheet cover   with elastic50-80gsm20gsm/25gsm/30gsm/customized30gsm/35gsm/40gsm/50gsm/customized
PE+VicoseSurgical   Drapes,                  Surgical Back   Table cover58-80gsm30gsm/35gsm/customized28gsm/30gsm/35gsm/customized
SMPEReinforcement   for surgical drapes Absorb liquid alcohol blood  80-130gsm25gsm PP+32gsm/42gsm/52gsm meltblown+20gsm PE+3gsm glue/customized
PE+SMS middle reinforceSurgical back Table Cover66-110gsm46gsm/53gsm/70gsm/customized30gsm/33gsm/35gsm 
PE+hydrophilic PP                                                   middle reinforce66-110gsm46gsm/53gsm/70gsm/customized30gsm/33gsm/35gsm 
PE + water repellent  PP                                          middle reinforce66-110gsm46gsm/53gsm/70gsm/customized30gsm/33gsm/35gsm 
PE+Viscose middle reinforce66-110gsm46gsm/53gsm/70gsm/customized30gsm/33gsm/35gsm 
Width Full Laminated width  within 2.4m, usually 1.6m width is very popular                                                                                                                                                 
Roll LengthRoll length usually   1000m/roll   2000m/roll   3000m/roll