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Sterile Surgical Drapes with adhesive tape
    Publish time 2019-01-24 14:55    
Sterile Surgical Drapes with adhesive tape

  •        60x60cm, 75x90cm, 120x150cm, 150x180cm etc

  •        SPP / SMS / PE + SMS / PE+ SPP/ Viscose + PE / Spunlace +PE / PE + Paper

  •        With fenestrated or without, with adhesive tape or no tape, with collect fluid pouch or without, with reinforcement area or without, we can produce it customized.

  •        Blue or Green Color

  •        Sterile Packaging: 1pcs/ sterilization Pouch  50pcs/ctn

  •         Non-sterile Packaging: 50pcs/ctn or 100pcs/ctn in bulk

  •        It can isolate dirty, contaminated areas from clean area, Preventing fluid penetration, Collection pouch can channeling and collecting body and irrigation fluids. Sterile Field & Surface. 

  •       Our SMS material is anti -water, blood, antibiosis, it is soft and with good gas permeability.