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Disposable PP Coated PE film Waterproof Medical Isolation Gown with Anti-penetration & AAMI Level 2
    Publish time 2020-08-25 17:29    

Isolation Gown PE film laminated/coated with nonwoven, waterproof, Anti-penetration, with knitted cuff and elastic cuff

Disposable PP Coated PE film Waterproof Medical Isolation Gown with Anti-penetration & AAMI Level 2

Disposable medical surgical isolation Gown / laminate PP+PE gown 

It can prevent the cross-infection between the Medical Worker and the Patient by the body fluid, blood, hair ect, so can protect both medical worker and patients.

PP+PE raw material has better effect on liquid splash and infiltrate. Velcro collar is much more convinient than traditional tie collar. Bonded sewing collar, mark the apparel more comfortable, durable and beautiful.

Knitted Cuffs makes wearing much more comfortable and close-fitting

Production process:Thead sewing / Ultrasonic hot seam

Isolation Gown size S M L
height (cm) 115 120 125
chest circumference (cm) 137 140 145
sleeve length (cm) 57cm  59cm  60cm

Disposable Isolation Gown PP+PE material waterproof/laminated pp+pe gown


  Medical isolation Gown

Product Classification

   Personal Protective Equipment Risk Class I & II

Raw Material

PP+PE (30gsm - 50gsm), SMS (30gsm   – 50gsm).  

Normal Weight:   35gsm, 40gsm, 45gsm, Can Produce according to customer's requirement.

Normal Color



  Level 1: 20g PP+20g PE Lamination, stitching sleeve

  Level 2: 20g PP+20g PE Lamination, ultrasonic sleeve
  Level 3: 20g PP+20g PE Lamination, Fully Taped On Sleeve
  Level 4: 20g PP+20g PE Lamination, Fully Taped On Sleeve




  Velcro collar or traditional tie collar, knitted cuff or elastic cuff


  Sterile: 1piece/sterilization pouch, 50 pieces/carton

  Non Sterile: 10pieces/bag, 10bags/carton

Feature and usage method

 Cover gowns with long sleeves, back closure with ties and knitted/elastic cuffs, 

  in tended for hygiene purposes.

  PE film is impervious, PP+PE material can prevent penetration, it have better        protection effect on liquid splash and in filtrate

Production Capacity



Used in hospital is designed to help protect against Isolate Blood,  Body Fluids, 

Secretions and Potential Infections and Cleaning, Construction, Industrial plants


PP+PE isolation gown can protect the worker from pollution of   blood/body fluid/powder and other pollutant.

Chemical and testing laboratories, Food industry, Reclamation and pest control.




  Store away from harmful gases, light, in a ventilated and dry place. Keep away      from fire sources and inflammable materials.


 - This product is disposable. Do not use expired products.
  - After the product is used, it shall be disposed according to
  the applicable regulations.