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Spunlace Nonwoven for Hygiene Care (Viscose + Polyster)
    Publish time 2019-03-15 14:59    
Spunlace Nonwoven for Hygiene Care (Viscose + Polyster)



Product Name:

Spunlace  Non woven Fabric

Raw material:

100%Viscose / 100%PET / 20%Viscose, 80%PET / 50%Viscose,50%PET / or other


Spunlace Non woven





Production Capability:

1000 tons per Day


Packed in roll ( inside 3" paper tube, outside PE film); can do plastic bag or box package as customer's requirement.

Shipping Port:

Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou


    The Spunlace nonwoven fabric has unique Absorption and suction capacity. It's Superior dust-free, soft, anti-static and would not do the damage to the objects' surface and strength and durability. This material do not add any chemical adhesive material.

1, Dust-free: The spunlace nonwoven haven't fiber shedding and no fiber chips come off when uses. It ensures the quality of wiping.

2, The spunlace nonwoven smoothly weaved and has excellent transverse tensile.

3, The spunlace nonwoven is soft and would not do the damage to any surface, no scratch.

4, The spunlace nonwoven have unique absorption and suction capacity, it is 4 times better than common cotton cloth.

5, The spunlace nonwoven has efficient remove water and oil stains ability.

6, The spunlace nonwoven would not have fiber chips when rubbed in the hot water with detergent for its fiber combined firmly.

7, The spunlace nonwoven has excellent solubility and anti-static