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Microporous Coverall/Breathable Medical Protective Coverall/Overall/PPE products
    Publish time 2019-01-24 19:21    
Microporous Coverall/Breathable Medical Protective Coverall/Overall/PPE products


  Disposable Lightweight Waterproof Microporous Medical Coveralls Name



  50-65gsm   nonwoven laminated with microporous PE film material

  Comfortable and breathable material   




   White,   Blue, Yellow, Customized




  L 170cm, XL 175cm, XXL 180cm



   With or Without Hood / Boots, Elastic cuff/ankle/back waist, 

   Front zipper lock with flap or without flap. 

   And OEM customized



  In Outdoor antivirus   activities, cleanroom usage, Paint Industry usage, agricultural Field usage, 

  Petrochemical Industry usage, Epidemic prevention station, hospital etc. Anywhere need protection. 

  Prevent and isolate dust, virus,water base liquid, chemical and aerosol.



Excellent barrier against dry particles and liquid   chemical splash

Laminated microporous material makes the coverall   breathable.



  EO Sterile: 1piece/sterile   pouch,50 pcs/carton

  Non-sterile:   1piece/bag,50 pcs/carton


1. Disposable clinical protective suit is made from high quality composite material. It has the function of breathable, osmosis prevention, waterproofing, and it's static-free.

2. Disposable clinical protective suit is comfortable to wear for its both water proofing and breathable materiel features.

3. Heat-sealing clinical rubber strip makes the highest protection level.

4. 730 Days Long shelf-life and easy to abandon, makes it environment friendly.


1. The disposable clinical protective suit consists of hat, upper garment, and trousers.

2. It is convenient to put on and well-constructed.

3. Protective gown with elastic ties at cuff, waist and ankle.